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Updates People Updates!

My apologies for being M.I.A in the past

few months, but I come with some exciting news!

Firstly, a celebration is in store. Last year, I worked on the production team for a Short film called "The Relented" which i also wrote the soundtrack for. (I wrote a blog on that a while ago!) Last week we found out that we had won the award for Best Drama Short at The Golden Nugget INTERNATIONAL Film Festival! Which is amazing! And to celebrate I thought it was about time I published the soundtrack for everyone to listen to, whilst the film finishes its festival circuit. The soundtrack is currently under review but will be out very shortly, hopefully within the next couple weeks!

Secondly... I have also written another song with my friend. Which will be released shortly, alongside a music video we filmed! It is top secret at the moment but all I will say is... you're going to love it!

More Updates Soon...x

If you would like to listen to my friends other song he has published follow this link:

Also, follow Resilience films for more updates about The Relented and upcoming projects!

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Aldene Fowkes
Aldene Fowkes
30 mar 2023

I’ve listened to your short film soundtrack and it’s fantastic ! great to hear something without Electronics - would fit right in with The Witcher , a mystical medieval edge! Well done 👍

Me gusta
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