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The Wellington Arms

Last week I had my debut in my local town of Marlborough. As my first open mic night as "Frankie" it was definitely an experience to learn from in many ways!

It was also the moment my keyboard was "Christened" into the world of gigging. (The scent of beer and walkers crisps is one that I will have to embrace from now on!) But other than these obstacles, I feel that as a "first", it was VERY successful!

To my surprise I actually did 2 sets that evening. The second being a last minute decision. My first "set" was a combination of song covers and originals. Including: Marshmallow Man, [Insert Age Here] and the infamous ABBA song SOS and The Roots` Send Me On My Way.

Thankfully my mum was there to film the entirety of the first lot of songs. And a work colleague filmed a section of the second.

The latter was a strange mix of songs I tried to remember (Unsuccessfully I might add!) Including David Bowie`s Rebel Rebel, Patrick Watson`s Je Te Laisserai Des Mots and my own Marshmallow Man (again as a last resort)

I was invited back to perform at their next "Open Mic Night"! Hopefully, this will be the first of many gigs now that I am officially equipped and READY!

Here is the link to the video of my cover of Send Me On My Way...

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