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The Relented- Short Film

A few weeks ago I had an AMAZING opportunity to be apart of a short film "The Relented" which was filmed here in Marlborough. My friend from work actually got me involved as a production assistant/runner on set alongside them. it was an early morning, freezing cold but immensely educational. I learnt about the film industry and the elements that come together to form a coherent crew.

During the day of filming I started up a conversation with the leading actor Connor about my aspirations for a musical career:

Connor: So what do you want to do as a job?

Me: Oh, a songwriter!

Connor: For films???? *wink wink*

Me: Yes could do!

And from that I was hired to write a theme song! Connor promptly sent a playlist of inspirations and lyrics he wanted to include within the song and with that I set off on a musical journey. I started with my keyboard, painfully finding how to piece together all the elements he wanted to include. It was a slow process but once I figured out the main motif it finally came together!

I cannot tell you how many versions I sent to Connor and Steve (the director). The song is still under construction and constant editing but hopefully will be released when the film is.

This has definitely been a learning process and a lesson on how to meet specifications and collaborating with "Clients". Hopefully this won`t be my last project on a film set or doing the music for them!

Resilience Film-

(Picture below is of the cast and crew on set)

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