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The Parade Cinema`s "Family Fun Jubilee Celebration"

Last September, I got the job I applied for (5 times) at The Parade Cinema in Marlborough! And after months of subtly weaving in my songwriting into conversations, my manager finally asked me to perform at our Jubilee Celebration.

I suddenly had to embrace the saying "Fake it `til you make it" and become a Professional Musician within a few weeks. I`ve had experience doing gigs and events, but I always knew someone there who could help me if I was ever confused with anything. This though... It was up to me sort what cables, amps, instruments and mics I was going to use. Not too complicated as I had just acquired EVERYTHING I would ever need for a gig!


Despite this sudden flash of luck, I had to create a set-list that would prove to my manager that it was NOT a gamble to let me perform. So, in the spirit of cinema, I chose songs that were either from or inspired by a film. As most of my songs are somewhat related to a film, it was a good and easy choice to make!

(SIDE NOTE: I threatened my manager that I would write a song about him, but decided not to because... there wasn`t enough good things to say about him and I wanted to keep my job! *insert laugh track*)

To skip the boring bits, it came to the time to perform! The set list concluded to:

  1. "Marshmallow Man"- An Original

  2. "Romance in the Work Place"- An Original (video will be linked at the end)

  3. "SOS"- ABBA

  4. "Red is Blue"- Ben Folds

  5. "Ink Heart"- Also an Original

  6. "Send Me On My Way"- The Roots

  7. "Dear Wes Anderson"- Original

  8. "Don`t Stop Me Now"- Queen (my only reference to THE Queen`s jubilee)

  9. "Rebel Rebel"- David Bowie (This was my encore!)

In complete honesty, initially I did not feel that the performance went well. But after watching back some videos and hearing the feedback from my trusted "critics", it wasn`t too bad after all!

It was definitely an experience to learn from and a professional lesson in the importance speaking out if I ever feel that something is wrong (i.e: the sound from where I was sounded...terrible!)

BUT even after a 12 hour shift, the entire event was AMAZING to be apart of. Hopefully, it won`t be the last time I perform at The Parade Cinema!

(Thank you David for taking the gamble! :) )


Video Clip of "Romance In The Work Place":

The Parade Cinema: Home | The Parade Cinema

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