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Frankie Lynne




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Hi, I'm Frankie! I am a contemporary singer-songwriter based in the South-West of England. I like to define my music as a combination of genres; pop, folk and soul. However, I try to take inspiration from a variety of different artists and songs!

My appreciation for music is continuing to evolve in a variety of ways. I love to challenge my writing by taking risks and doing something new each time. Whether I am working with a company to develop a soundtrack or I am writing one for my own projects, I always put my heart and soul into each song.

I have always felt that music should not just be listened to but should be emotionally experienced and interpreted uniquely by the listener!

Abstract Record

What Is New?

IMG_1223 2.jpg

You can now listen to the soundtrack I wrote for the award winning short film "The Relented" on all music platforms!

"The Relented (Original Score)"

By Frankie-Lynne

What`s New?
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